You Are Just One Strategy Away From Having An Avalanche Of Income And Impact! And Here's How!
"The Most Profitable And Purposeful Businesses Are The Ones That COMMAND the Market, CONTROL the Strategy and CONQUER the offer"
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What You Will Get
Here's What You Get As Our Client:

Webinar Revenue Scaling System

- Master the art and science of crafting a presentation that results in 4 FIGURE REVENUE in 80 minutes!
- Discover how you can make 4 Figure USD everytime you jump on a FREE Webinar by following the 4 step process.
- Generate a pipeline of leads which you can convert into $ ongoingly.

Offer Creation Blueprint

- Create front end, mid end and back end offers which increase LTV (Lifetime Value) of clients so you can be HIGHLY profitable EVERY SINGLE MONTH.
- Offers creation secrets which allow you to get your online training materials created in less than 2 days.

High Ticket Closing Script

- Become the only LOGICAL choice for the market you want to serve without having to compete (and price on your term!)
- Brand positioning your business to perform "pull" marketing, instead of "push", which means you are able to attract clients in ANY market you want in this competitive industry.

Authority Amplifier Secrets

Position yourself right in front of your audience who is ready to become your followers while paying you consistently to be your students/clients/members, all without having to spend endless hours on social media (while still command your market as the thought leader in your industry)

Online Domination Masterclass

Master the very next step of cutting edge strategy to gain exponential growth in your online business which will ultimately set you free from your desk while allowing you the lifestyle you deserve. (LIVE Session)

Mastermind Business Network

Tap into the network of CJ to Joint Venture, Partner or Exchange ideas and business plans so that you are able to leverage others and cross - pollinate each other's database and network to thrive in year 2020 and beyond.
CJ Lee
Co - Founder of The Playgound Fitness
Fitness Business Expert
Going from having just 2 clients to running a MULTIPLE 6 FIGURES personal training business in a city where CJ had never lived in - Kuala Lumpur, CJ had learnt everything the hard way while in heavy business debt to grow his team of personal trainers, attract partnership with billion dollar company, get featured in media and ultimately, LIVE THE LIFE OF PURPOSE AND FREEDOMAs known as the author of upcoming book "6 Pack To 6 Figures", CJ is passionate about helping you shorten the learning curve, avoid costly mistakes and fear NO competitions. Just imagine running a fitness business that actually allows you to serve your clients at the highest level, instead of being consumed by the fear and frustrations of the nitty gritty of business. How does that sound for a change?
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